Bumper Repair

Bumpers are a brilliant innovation in the world of automotive technology. Sure even the first mass produced automobile had one but at the time it consisted of a glorified piece of corrugated tin. Bumpers have had to change and evolve over the years to reflect the advances in automotive performance and the changes in driver performance. Today we drive faster, drive more often and sometimes maybe a bit more relaxed than we should be. Combine that and larger vehicles and smaller parking spaces and it is almost a certainty that your bumper will one day take the brunt of a collision.

After all, that is what they are supposed to do. Save your car. A bumper is designed to absorb the shock of a collision and to prevent more serious and expensive damage to your vehicle. Without them, every minor collision with another vehicle or a poorly placed pole could mean a catastrophic repair bill to your vehicle.

Specializing In Bumper Repairs Down to the Science

One thing that most people are not aware of is that today’s bumpers are scientifically designed to absorb shock better than ever but that every collision has an impact on its effectiveness. That dent in your bumper is more than just a blemish; it is a weak spot on your vehicle that could lead to more serious consequences down the road.

Cool Springs collision understands this and offers quality bumper repair in a timely, affordable, friendly and professional way. Our highly skilled team of qualified body technicians can fix that unsightly and unsafe dent and make sure that there is no underlying damage as a result of the accident that caused the dent in the first place. We are here to get you on your way the right way. Safely.


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