Auto Paint

Time To Spruce Up Your Wheels?

Remember the paint jobs on those vintage automobiles from long ago? Those two-tone creations that filled our spirits with a sense of adventure? We certainly do. Part of the reason our highly trained paint technicians got into the field is due to their love of those shiny, creative automobile canvases of yesteryear.

A lot has changed over the years. Makes and models have come and gone, the 8 track in your dash has been replaced by satellite radio, electric cars have become all the rage but one thing has remained the same; the evil trifecta of sun, weather and age can do a number on your car’s paint job. That’s why our team is here to help!

Auto Paint Done Right!

Cool Springs Collision understands that a good paint job starts with a good surface to work on. Our techs take great pride in what they do and every great paint job is only as good as the canvas it is on. We want to make sure that when she rolls out of the garage she brings a smile to your face. That is why our certified body repair technicians get the ball rolling with any quality repairs and dent removal that needs to be done. Next our prep team will sand, seal and clean your vehicle to ensure a smooth finish that will adhere to your car and last a long, long time. Finally our state of the art paint bay and highly trained car artists will cover your vehicle with high quality durable paint engineered to withstand that evil trifecta longer than ever before.

Time may have passed but at least your car doesn’t really need to show its age. (even if it is a 1970 Pinto with flames on the hood!)


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